This Summer…

I’ve been pretty busy the last month – rehearsing for the Paper Moon concert and the Cultura Flamenca show (picture below). Now that those are over, I’m focusing on composing and recording for the rest of the summer. Joe Amato and I are finishing up our album of Argentine tangos, which should be finished in August, as well as an album of original material, and I’m also working on a solo album which should be released before the end of the year. Most of the gigs I’ll be playing in July and August are private events, but check the calendar page for updated shows (like Sea & Smoke on July 27 and in downtown San Diego on July 25). Here’s hoping you’re having a great summer!

Cultura Flamenca

Last Night’s Paper Moon concert

Thanks to all who came out to see my duo Paper Moon in La Jolla last night!  It was a great success, the church was a great setting and we filled the place.  Mark Lamson was great on the cajon and the pandeiro – we spent all day today at Signature Sound studios recording Argentine tangos from the concert program for an upcoming CD.  I’ll be posting some video from the concert soon.  Photo from last night:



Finishing up a solo guitar CD…

Almost done with a new CD of solo guitar pieces – below you can listen to my dreamy arrangement of a Django Reinhardt tune called “Nuages” which will appear on the album. It is very often played in the keys of G and F major, but I transposed it to E to take advantage of some of the open strings since it is a solo piece. I still need to take these songs to a mastering studio so the volume and EQ of this demo may be a bit off. I hope you like it!

The Latest from Paper Moon, my guitar duo…

While I generally play flamenco, Spanish classical, and various south American styles as a soloist, I also have a guitar duo where I get to explore music from all over the globe.  With guitarist Joe Amato, we call ourselves Paper Moon (yes, that’s also the name of my guitar school here in San Diego), and we play all kinds of stuff from gypsy jazz, jazz standards, to more rock-influenced instrumentals.  Joe plays the 7-string guitar, which is common in Brazil, as well as a gypsy jazz guitar, and I play my flamenco guitar and also a gypsy jazz guitar, depending on the tune.  We love to improvise so many of our live shows feature impromptu riffs and melodies we’ll make up on the spot – sometimes a song will morph into another song we didn’t expect: we once started a rendition of Malagueña which quickly turned into Miserlou, and we ended the piece by blending it into Ravel’s Bolero…  We’re working on a new CD which, like our others, will be mainly original music we have composed in different styles.  This time, we’ll be recording our arrangments of 3 songs which we haven’t written: the Brazilian composer Joao Pernambuco’s “Sons de Carilhoes,” and Jacob do Bandolim’s “Santa Morena,” along with Argentine Angel Villoldo’s classic Tango “El Choclo.”  These are great tunes and ones we love playing, so we’re going to put them on the CD too.

Paper Moon performs most often at private events around San Diego and Los Angeles (we just returned from playing in LA a few hours ago) but you can catch us every Friday for the next 2 months at Westfield UTC from noon till 3pm, from September 7th through November 9th.

We have just posted our music on Soundcloud, here are 2 original songs from our last CD Little Venices:

Welcome to my guitar blog!

This is where I’ll be posting interesting videos, discussing music, guitar, music teaching and performance, and letting you know where I’ll be playing as a soloist and in other groups around San Diego and L.A.  On the right you’ll find feeds from my Facebook pages for my guitar duo Paper Moon, my guitar instruction school Paper Moon Music, and my Scot Taber Guitarist page.  Thanks for stopping by!